Thursday, August 12, 2010

Family Pictures

Here are the pictures that I promised. I hope you can feel the love that we felt for Warner Nathan for his short time here with us.


  1. We Love you all so much. Mom and Dad

  2. Chelsea, These are beautiful. He is so precious. I love the look on Cody's face in the one of you 3 where you are kissing Warner. Thats my favorite. I love you!

  3. These are all so precious! I'm so glad that you shared them. You look so great in all of them and little Warner is so sweet :) Love ya, missed you at the reunion!

  4. What precious pictures. Thank you for sharing them. Hope you're doing well. Love you!

  5. Love them all but my favorite is the last one. The way you are looking at Cody as he loves on little Warner! Miss you guys!

  6. These are beautiful! I love the black & white one with you, Cody, and Warner. He is so precious. Thank you for sharing these, Chelsea!

  7. They are all such beautiful pictures. I am really glad you have them. Thank you for sharing them with everyone. I hope you are doing well. -Lizzy

  8. Chelsea, They are beautiful. what a perfect little boy.

  9. It means so much that you are sharing these special and beautiful pictures you guys! What a blessing and you have touched so many lives through your testimony! We send our love and you guys are doing fantastic!

    Shaun & Christina Newell

  10. They are beautiful! We love and miss you guys!

  11. These are so special. Thanks for sharing.

  12. So precious. Thank you for sharing.
    No matter how long they are with us, we are promised Eternity.
    When I lost my son Michael, I heard him singing at my right shoulder with the soloist,
    "Families can be together forever,
    through Heavenly Father's Plan.
    I always want to be with my own family,
    and the Lord has shown me how I can,
    The Lord has shown me how I can."
    Love in Christ,
    Sister Allen

  13. Those are such beautiful family pictures. Your understanding and grace during this difficult time has been amazing and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story of your sweet angel baby with all of us.

  14. These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing this gorgeous little angel with us all. You are very special parents and Warner will be watching over you forever.

  15. There is so much beauty and love in these photos. Warner was a very lucky boy to be placed into such wonderful arms for his short time on this earth. How refreshing to know he will one day be back in them!

  16. The pictures are so precious! I can tell what a special time that was to spend with little Warner. We love you guys so much!

  17. Chels, these are beautiful. You guys are amazing. We love you!

  18. I didn't realize you had posted these pictures until now. Thanks so much for sharing him. What a sweet little boy, and what wonderful parents you and Cody are.

  19. Chelsie, I stumbled across your blog while looking at Stephs one day. It is seriously inspiring. I worked at Sage with you for a little while. Anyways, I don't know if you've ever heard this version of I am a child of God but, I love it...
    I am a child of God and He has called me home.
    My earthly journey's through but still, I do not walk alone.
    He leads me, guides me, walks beside me, helps me find the way.
    He welcomed me with open arms. I live with Him today.

    I am a child of God and I have gone ahead.
    My earthly life was brief but oh, such peace and love you gave.
    You loved me, held me, stood beside me and though I cannot stay.
    You gave me much to help me and I live with Him today.

    I am a child of God and I will wait for you.
    Celestial glory shall be ours, if you can but endure.
    I'll lead you, guide you, walk beside you.
    Help you find the way.
    I'll welcome you with open arms
    One bright Celestial day.

    --Donna Kulliard

  20. Oh! Chelsea what a beautiful child of God. Thank you for your strength. You have a beautiful family.

  21. What a beautiful little boy. I found this blog through your food blog (which I love by the way!) I too love the story "Welcome to Holland" but I never knew there was a second story. It was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. This "journey to Holland" is a difficult on, but also so beautiful. I am so grateful for the experiences I have had since starting this journey with our daughter.

    Heather, that version of "I Am A Child of God" is absolutely beautiful. Warner is beautiful, and your faith is inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  22. He's so cute! Thanks for sharing this wonderful memories of your little angel. This is very inspiring.

    Brad Fallon